Action figures are the most favorite toys of kids of any era. Every kid loves to play with action figures and create fantastic story plays and plots with it. Still today adults crave for the action figures with which they used to play with in their childhood. But today some of the old action figures have become so much popular that they have become lot more expensive. You can use Promo Code and get maximum discount on Cubify toys  which is availed by almost every online toy merchant, to get your favorite action figure at a reasonable price.

Still today some action figures are on the mind of kids and still love to play with them. Here are some of the greatest action figure play sets which have been all time favorites of kids.

Death Star, Star Wars

By launching the toy line of Star Wars, Kenner revolutionized the industry of action figures. This set of action figures were launched in 3-3/4 inch scale, which allowed kids to build vehicles and playsets which were in scale and less expensive. This play set was a complete replica of the Death Star from the movie Star Wars series. This playset consisted of 4 levels which included the control room, the bridge Luke, and Leia swung across and much more. This cardboard set was a dream set of kids of that era.

Secret Sewer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Secret Sewer playset of the Teenage Mutant Turtles toy lines caters a great history of sewer HQ themed play sets. This huge playset is a 3 and a half feet tall and includes 3 large levels of sewers which include the street above it and the building above it. It is also loaded with some fascinating features such as zip line, missile shooting guns, hidden dumpster camera and many other iconic things from the TMNT series.

Defiant, G.I.Joe

When the Joes needed to go into the space to stop Commander Cobra they went to Defiant the space ship which was housed in the 1987 play set. This spaceship set is way more similar compared to real space ship house and shuttle. This set consisted two space shuttles one the big one which was the main one and other was the small one which consisted cockpit and a space vehicle bay with a crane. With this space shuttle set, you can make your space fantasies real and create your own space expedition. This is the reason why it became an instant hit as soon as it came into the market.