But one thing every dieter should remember is that there is no magic pill neither supplement which will dramatically reduce your weight. A lot of dieters dream of losing extra weight just by popping a pill or drinking a portion of health supplements. But the fact is there is no magic these pills and supplements cater. All these are myths created by various health supplement manufacturers which urge false claims just sell their products.

So here are some common myths about diet supplements which you should know before carrying out your weight loss expedition.

MYTH 1: The African Herb Hoodia Is An Effective Appetite Suppressant

There is still a debate going on between the dietitians about whether hoodia helps in saving a large number of calories but there are some evidence for the herb’s power. A research states that hoodia consist of ingredients which on injected to animals was found that they tend to eat less. But this effect was failed to be replicated in humans.

So the effects of hoodia to stop hunger are still questionable with respect to humans and there are no certain proofs of its effects on humans.

MYTH 2: I Do Not Require To Diet Or Exercise If I Am Consuming Weight-loss Supplements

Looking practically the label of every supplement you will find a remark which states that if you wish to shed weight you will also need to consume healthy diet and exercise regularly.

So one thing can be said that diet supplements are neither a replacement for exercise nor healthy diet. On the contrary, if you consume a portion of health supplements along with exercising and healthy diet it can prove to be vital in boosting up your weight loss.

MYTH 3: Green-tea Supplements Burn Fat

Green tea is considered to be one of the most vital supplements which help effectively in weight loss. But consuming a large amount of green tea supplement or drinking cup after cup will not help you in shedding a considerable amount of weight.

We all know that green tea contains a fair amount of caffeine, so too much of consumption can effect majorly your heart rhythm and may also hinder your sleep.

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So if you are a weight loss aspirant then it is much advisable that you stay away from all these types of myths regarding health supplements as it can prove to be a hurdle in your weight loss regime.