PowerWeb Server++ Breaking News

PowerWeb wins OS/2 Inside magazine Best of OS/2 1997 Award

The January 1998 issue of OS/2 Inside recognises PowerWeb Secure Server++ as an award-winning product in the Internet Software category.

Windows 95 and NT versions of PowerWeb Secure Server++ Launched

PowerWeb Secure Server++ Version 4.02 release 2 operates on both Windows NT and Windows 95.

It is fully compatible with PowerWeb for OS/2 including:

Multiple Services
HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 are all built-in. Run an entire Internet site with a single high-performance software system!

PowerWeb supports SSL version 3 security and encryption, with full client certificate authentication. It supports both US-export as well as US strength cryptography.

Development Environment
PowerWeb's fully integrated support for compiled languages, SQL, Rexx and Perl goes beyond CGI with native API interfaces to all these languages for speed, power and seamless integration.

With InSide HTML, you embed SQL or other languages directly into your HTML for easy management and coding.


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