Introductory pricing is US$295.00 per server.
If you are running multiple servers, the pricing is US$295.00, for each copy of the server loaded in memory.

Annual Support Service Fee is US$295.00

Support incidents are charged at a minimum of US$50-00 per incident, provided you have subscribed to the annual support service fee in advance.

Support includes advice on setting up and running of the server software and advice on the application of the server.

Support does not include application programming or consultancy services, which is charged for separately at US$100-00 per hour or part thereof.

Free support is available through the mail list user group "[email protected]", where a community of experienced PowerWeb users help each other with PowerWeb-related questions.

If you are an existing PowerWeb registered customer and you wish to purchase PowerWeb for another operating system platform, there is a US$50-00 discount, unless you already qualify for another type of discount.

For example, if you have purchased PowerWeb for OS/2, you can cross-grade to PowerWeb for NT at a price of US$245-00.

To be entitled to this special price, you must register your copy running on the new operating system, by selecting "Cross-grade" when asked for your "License Type".

Educational and Charitable Institutions:
If you provide proof of your educational or charitable institutional status by fax to +27-21-713-0052, you are entitled to a reduced price of US$99.00 loaded in memory, provided you only use PowerWeb Server++ for your non-income-generating activities.

To be entitled to this special price, you MUST register online and select "Educational" when asked for your "License Type".

User Groups:
Existing User Groups for platforms supported by the PowerWeb Server++ may apply for a licensed copy of the software at no charge, providing they agree to the following terms and conditions in addition to the PowerWeb Server++ License Agreement:

  1. Run the PowerWeb Server++ software servers for their User Group purposes ONLY, wherever possible, on a continuous basis,
  2. Be an archive distribution site for PowerWeb Server++ products which is open to the general public on the Internet,
  3. Display the CompuSource PowerWeb Server++ advertising banner at the bottom of their pages,
  4. Accept updates and act as a distribution site as prescribed by CompuSource on a continuing basis,
  5. You may only use PowerWeb Server++ for your non-income-generating activities specific to the purposes of running an existing user group,
  6. The operating system vendor must endorse the user group as an official user group before it is considered to be applicable for this offer,
  7. All costs, of running the Web site must be paid by the User Group,
  8. CompuSource may rescind the rights granted under this license, if any of the terms or conditions are not fulfilled, without the User Group having recourse to legal action.

All prices are subject to an additional 14% Value Added Tax for South African customers.

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All rights reserved.
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