Offers to Lease

An offer to lease can be submitted electronically to the Landlord in the same way that an Introduction can, please refer to the previous pages for a more detailed understanding. Submitting electronically avoids any delays in the receipt of the offer and, because revised offers can also be submitted, the process of negotiation to reach a final lease agreement is accelerated.

The contents of an offer to lease varies from one landlord to another. e.Property provides a standard template offer which provides a superset of the details the client needs to fill in for an offer. The sections which vary from one landlord to another, or from one property to another, are accommodated by enclosures which define aspects such as the Landlord's terms and conditions applicable to the offer.

The main categories of information requested from the client are:

The full text of a final lease agreement can be included by the Landlord to allow the tenant to see the complete agreement.

Through the authentication procedures provided by e.Property, the identity of the broker can be confirmed and the Landlord can be assured that the offer is valid. Both the Landlord and the broker are given a unique reference number for each individual offer so that they can refer to the same document. Once an offer has been submitted it cannot be altered, but revised offers can be submitted before the Landlord finally accepts one.

The legal requirement for a signature can be achieved by printing the offer to lease from the e.Property system (which includes the unique reference number) and asking the client to sign the printed document. The final lease document would be prepared by the Landlord and signed by the client.