The fee structure is intended to be attractive to all participants in order to facilitate the market's acceptance of e. Property, to achieve its critical mass. is licensed to brokers at a flat fee of R100.00 per month through the annual in advance payment of R1200.00, making it the most attractive business tool available in the property market. is licensed to landlords on a sliding scale fee ranging from R50.00 per annum per one million rand for the largest portfolios, to R100.00 per annum per one million rand for the smaller portfolio.

The above pricing ensures a stable fee which aids in budgeting.

Pricing for Brokers

The brokers subscription fee is R100.00 pm, paid annually in advance for each individual user. This means a broker can achieve financial success for R100.00 per month.

Pricing for Landlords is a cost effective business tool since it more than pays for its annual fee if the average vacancy period is reduced by just 2 business hours.

For example: a Landlord with a single building worth R1 million with a current running yield of say 10% generates R100 000 income per annum. This is equivalent to an income loss of R274 for every day that the building lies vacant. Time here can certainly be measured in money, making extremely good value.

The time is easily saved through the automation of many of the business process tasks from the initial mail facility through to the signing of the deal, removing many frustrations along the way.