Search Criteria makes it easy to narrow down on properties of interest to a client through a filtering process. For example,you can search the properties according to a variety of criteria:

Another example of a more sophisticated requirement is where by asking for consolidation at the building level, you can determine which buildings have sufficient vacant space to house a client who wishes to be located entirely within a single building, but doesn't mind being located across several floors. This enables the landlord to work with the broker and the client to determine how best to locate the client within the building, potentially shifting some existing tenants to provide a better space distribution.

On the other end of the scale, choosing consolidation at the space level causes to scan only for single suites which satisfy the client's requirements.

If the broker requests vacant space up to a given square metreage limit, will also list those larger spaces that the Landlord has said are sub-divisible into smaller units, provided that such sub-division is able to accomodate the client. produces a summarised list of properties that fulfill the broker's requirements. At this point the broker has several types of choices he can make: