Description 128 Bit SSL 3.0 Browser and Server Security with Client and Server Authentication through Client and Server certificates, excluding no country.
128 bit Browser VeriSure is a Java applet which enables your customers' browser to connect to your secure site using 128 bit SSL 3.0 security. VeriSure was developed by CompuSource.
VeriSure size is only 103K!
128 bit Server VeriSure works with any 128 bit SSL 3.0 secure server.
The PowerWeb Secure Server provides 128 bit SSL 3.0 security and was developed by CompuSource.
Licensing VeriSure is licensed on a per secure site basis, which is pre-configured for specific sites.
Users connecting to multiple VeriSure sites simply download the signed certificate for each site, not the complete VeriSure applet every time.

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